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Giorgia Dal Sasso to support and serve your company

“GIORGIA DAL SASSO” was born from a long experience gained in over 15 years of sales and assistance to food, health and pharmaceutical companies, with particular reference to product quality and safety control.

In particular, the areas are:


Assurance and control of food sterilisation and preservation parameters, detection of metallic materials, quality certifications.


Control of safety parameters and sterilisation of surgical instruments, control of drug storage.


Control of temperatures/conditions necessary to ensure the perfect preservation of medicines.

Our partners

Our company offers marketing, installation and assistance services for:

Meauserement Instrumentation

Datalogger,Thermometers, pHmeters, Balance, Conductometers, Multiparameter, and much more.


Metal detector, X-ray, Autoclaves, Cooking pans and other new and used machines.


Products for cleansing and sanitizing (also PMC), Pressure washers, Washer-dryer, Ozone generator, UV lamp.


Verification and validation of installations, issuing of certificates and advice on certifications.

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Nota associazioni shelf life dei prodottii aprile 2021

Progetto SSICA shelf-life secondaria

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Speciale tecnologie e packaging

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