Dansensor CheckPoint 3 is the only portable oxygen analyser on the market with a solid-state ceramic oxygen sensor that provides accuracy, stability and faster analysis than any other portable instrument.

The Premium version allows full traceability of the analysis performed and sends data from the analyser to laptops, tablets and smartphones via Wi-Fi without the need for dedicated software. The file generated is in excel .csv format.


– Simple to use
– Improves quality control in MAP
– Improved process efficiency
– Great data transparency
– Ensures the quality of your brand
– Superior portable analyser
– Minimal maintenance investment (annual calibration!)
– Daily calibration of 20.9% no longer required


– NEW solid-state ceramic O2 sensor
– Available in combined O2 or O2/CO2 version
– Flow control
– Fast analysis (results in 7 seconds)
– 3.5” touchscreen colour display
– Use of standard needles
– Optional steel needles detectable by metal detector
– 3-year sensor warranty
– Rubber coating (option)
– Multilingual interface

Premium version:

– Data availability / transfer via WiFi
– Statistical graphs available

– Stores up to 1 million analyses

– Integrated data software

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