The application has been specifically designed by CO-EL for the inspection of products in plastic and glass jars and bottles, without metal caps.

The metal detector conveyor belt has to be placed after the filling machine output belt, and before capping machine inlet belt.

Good products can go back to the main production line, while non-compliant products are automatically set aside in a dead end lane, equipped with an overflow alarm. At this point the operator removes the discarded products.

For low productivity lines, the simple belt stop with sound and light signal is available.

The belt is equipped with a modular belt (polyethylene, polypropylene or acetal); the material is chosen according to the environment and product temperature and the load to be transported. The colors available are white or blue, flush grid or flat top. All models come with an FDA food compatibility certificate.


  • Jars and bottles inlet / outlet transfer with straight or side-by-side conveyors
  • Suitable for small diameter bottles and tall bottles
  • Suitable for high and low production cadences
  • Designed for humid environments
  • For production lines with low level of operator supervision
  • Automatic ejector with rotating arm, pusher or alternatively belt stop
  • Compliant with the requirements of the large-scale retail trade and food safety management (BRC, IFS)

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