1 Pack of n. 10 mini 1way Single Trip temperature data logger (One trip) with IP65 protection degree, 1 channel with internal temperature sensor and active LED (OK) and 4 LEDs for the 4 alarm thresholds. Marking of an event on the logger by pressing a button Start. Working range from –40… + 80 ° C. Resolution 0.01 ° C. Temperature accuracy ± 0.3 ° C (-10… + 80 ° C), ± 0.5 ° C (-40… -10 ° C). Capability to store 13,000 measurements (Interval 1sec… 24 hours). Internal battery (1 year autonomy). Start with START button. Direct USB connection to PC for automatic creation of a PDF file. Preprogrammed with alarm thresholds (LL = 0 ° C, L = 2 ° C, H = 8 ° C, HH = 10 ° C), acquisition interval of 5 minutes, STOP button not activated.
MULTILINGUAL software downloadable free of charge from the website www.giorgiobormac.com.


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