The METALIM TOR-AL metal detector is composed by a Comp-Al electronic board that controls the whole system and by a TOR-AL transducer with a circular passage.

The metaldetector is normally installed on a supporting structure: the product to be checked passes through the passage inside a pipe or for free falling.
Furthermore, CO-EL designs and manufactures stuctures following the client’s specifical requests.


The METALIM TOR-AL metal detector is generally supplied with a supporting structure, and can be equipped with many accessories.

  • The pipe dimensions and section are both adjustable according to the client’s specification, to maximize the metal detector’s performance in every kind of installation.
  • The metal detector is supplied in both monoblock solution (Comp-Al and TOR-AL on the same structure ) or in a separated groups solution ( A remote Comp-Al board controlling the TOR-AL transuducer): the METALIM metal detector is adaptable to every situation.


CO-EL projects customized solutions based on client’s specific requests. All versions has the same base characteristics:

  • A solid and compact structure, compliant in every part to the hygiene regulations for the food industry. Protection class IP55 o higher on request.
  • Food plastic pipes, with stainless steel joints for junctions with the exixting pipes
  • Position (height and inclination) of the pipe variable according to the needs; Horizontal mounting for free-falling products.
  • When the metal detector intercepts a metal contaminant, the control board can activate many rejection systems and alert devices
  • It’s possible to connect the metal detector to many other machinery like checkweighters or packing machines.

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